Information technology has become an essential part in every business pursuit to success. To maximise this investment, companies need to ensure these tools function well: Pcs, networks, servers, printers, and other peripherals. Company equipment has to have limited downtime for continued growth and to maximize staff productivity. With proper IT support, your business will definitely gain traction.

Maintenance & Monitoring

We are proactive in monitoring your system and will assist with the following: hardware, software or network upgrades and re-configurations that are required to keep everything running in an optimal manner. We ensure that your existing platform functions well and modify it to suit your organisation’s growing needs. With our monitoring tools operating round-the-clock, we can spot potential problems and repair them before they cause disruptions in the workplace.

IT Upgrades and Migrations

Our industry-proven products help you switch over to new IT platforms or upgrade your company’s computer and network systems to newer versions. To further your company’s technological abilities, we assist in the upgrade process and data migration and provide you with a safe & secure method of moving all your information from an old system to the new one.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Be it a new network installation or an upgrade, we take appropriate steps to guarantee that the process goes easily and exactly. We assess a wide number of existing business networks and recommend modifications that cater to specific commercial needs. Thus, your company network runs efficiently with fewer disruptions.

Help Desk

With unlimited access to our help desk and technical experts, you get the help from our technical support engineers. We provide assistance, diagnose issues remotely and resolve issues quickly. We are always available regardless of your location to take care of technology-related issues.

Business IT Support

Business IT support is more than just fixing your IT set-up. At IT Consulting Group, we do effective and preventive maintenance on your IT systems and update on new IT equipment. With proper IT support, we protect your critical data and support your office with our intelligent IT solutions so as to boost the overall performance of your company’s IT infrastructure.

IT Consulting Group will help you to improve your business.

We want that your business start to grow up!.

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